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Welcome to Snowman's Land, a game about snowball fights! Here, there's only one rule. 

Reach your friend and tag them before they tag you... with a snowball... in the head.

Traverse chilly forests, navigate crumbling platforms, and solve puzzles left by your opponent in this action puzzler. If you get stuck, fear not! Look for a carrot to pop on one of our conveniently located snowmen as a checkpoint. If you really get stuck,  refer to the control scheme below for the restart button.

After completing the main levels, don't forget to check out our bonus stages for some experimental level design.

Thank you for playing our game, and good luck in Snowman's Land!

Controls (plays best on a controller)

  • Keyboard
    • WASD: Move
    • Mouse: Rotate Camera (click and drag)
    • Spacebar: Jump
    • Q: Place Carrot
    • Backspace: Reload Level
  • Gamepad
    • L Stick: Move
    • R Stick: Rotate Camera
    • A: Jump
    • B: Place Carrot
    • Start: Reload Level


Sean O'Connor: Game/Level Designer, Programmer

Ross Smith (Twitter, YouTube): Game/Level Designer, Programmer

Nathan Hansen (SoundCloud): Music and Sound

Jake Nguyen: 3D Environment Art

Karina Teruya (ArtStation, Insta): Concept/Character Artist, 2D Art


SnowmansLands.zip 56 MB


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The characters are absolutely precious!! I love how they look in the cover art, and I loved them even more in game when they moved around. The 3D models and shading are phenomenal, and deliver very well on the simple, cutesy vibes the game has going for it. 

From the beginning, though, I found myself struggling a little bit with the camera controls. Holding + dragging the mouse didn't feel quite as intuitive as it could have been, and I think sometimes the automatic readjustment of the camera confused me. 

Finicky camera aside, this game is incredibly well done! :D